Rayence introduces new software solutions for today's market looking to expand their digital needs.
The software solutions combine all of the essential elements that enable doctors to achieve their goals and improve diagnosis.


R.O.S. Rayence Offsite Storage

Rayence introduces a new disaster recovery solution. We continue to lead the market in the medical and veterinary industries and now ensure your images are kept safe for years to come and are easily accessible from any portable or mobile device. Our new offsite storage solution provides image safekeeping from accidents, human error, and natural disaster.

Why Choose Rayence Over Others Cloud Services

Rayence’s digital solutions are the ideal foundation for today’s medical and veterinary markets. With Rayence’s ROS services we guaranteed to keep your images safe and available whenever you need them and supported by our technical support team quickly and completely 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • Fully HIPPA-compliant
  • All images stored within the United States (no offshore storage)
  • Three domestic data centers for backup redundancy
  • Full encryption and fully insured
  • Fast image recovery
  • Works with any DICOM viewer or PACS that supports query & retrieve
  • Runs 24/7, 365 days a year for immediate availability

iQ-View / iQ-View Pro

The iQ-View / iQ-View Pro software solution combine all essential viewing elements physicians require to achieve their diagnostic goals while providing current practices with flexibility and control to increase productivity within any imaging environment.

iQ-View 3D

iQ-View 3D is an option for iQ-View Pro, equipping a workstation with all features necessary such as MRP, MIP, and SSD for 3D image processing of CT and MRI studies.

iQ-View Pro 4D

iQ-View Pro is an advanced multimodality and multiphase radiology reading solution for the post-processing of 2D, 3D, and 4D images all on a single workstation.


The OrthoView™ offers orthopedic surgeons a robust, quick and easy, 4-step (scaling, planning, templating, and reporting) solution integrated into an orthopedic PACS for use in any filmless environment.

Rayence Cloud Solution

Rayence Cloud solution provides safe keeping for your images from any disasters and the flexibility to view images secure on any mobile device or tablet. Rayence Cloud comes with unlimited space and users and accessible throughout any browser or OS platform.

Backed by our technical support team, Rayence’s Cloud Services guarantee to keep your images safe and available anytime. Also, Rayence is your one-stop distributor for digital hardware, X-ray equipment and software solutions for today’s private practices and large hospitals.

  • Fully HIPPA-compliant
  • Unlimited storage and users
  • Free updates and upgrade as long the account remains active
  • All images stored within the United States (no offshore storage)
  • Fast Image Recovery
  • Works with any DICOM viewer or PACS that supports query & retrieve

Rayence Jumper

Rayence Jumper is a gateway router designed to work in any environment with slow or fast internet connection, automatically selecting the right compression to send data to its destination. Rayence Jumper has the added benefit of retransmitting data exactly where it left off when an internet connection was lost.

Rayence VRPACS

Rayence VRPACS digital solutions is a PACS innovation for both the medical and veterinary markets and comes with the necessary tools to assist today’s small practice environments.

VRPACS is a thin client web solution for today’s Windows PC and PC tablets. It is not only for Rayence detector solutions but may be utilized with other modalities such as DR, CR, MRI, US, CT and OT as well.

Optional Module
  • Rayence VRPRO
  • Rayence VRExpress
  • Voice Dictation
  • Manual Stitching
  • Hanging Protocols
  • Export to JPEG, DICOM, and PDF
  • Advanced Measurement Tools
  • Predefine Annotations
  • Window Width//Window Level
  • Image Magnification and Zoom
  • DICOM Printing and Paper Printing
  • Automated Image Routing
  • DICOM Query and Retrieve
  • Patients Reconciliation